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Monday, February 26, 2007

Meet me in the hospital, it's going down Meet me in the waiting room it's going down

I've been watching The Young & The Restless and I mean all hell broke loose in the waiting room. While Colleen's hanging on for dear life, Brad took a swing at JT, hoping to put him in the hospital. Then, he punched Kevin in the mouth and blood was coming out of his lips. Next thing, Jack goes to talking smack to Michael Baldwin about Kevin being arrested and going to jail. But Michael made a snappy comeback saying something like "You're just mad because you're in that big building running the company all by yourself."For a minute, I thought there was going to be soap hunk smackdown up in there.


Thursday, February 01, 2007

NBC's cancelling Passions!!!

I have read in both Soap Opera Weekly and Soap Opera Digest that NBC is cancelling Passions. I almost felt like having a breakdown. I even said to myself, "I'm soapless, beeyatch!". I even read that the main reason they're canceling Passions was to give the Today show a fourth hour. I'm like "Why the hell do they need a fourth hour for?" mainly because I haven't been watching the Today show since Katie Couric left. Anyways, ever since I heard about the cancellation, I can't even talk about it or even look at NBC Daytime's MySpace page without even . Once Passions is off the air,I'll be suffering from Passions withdrawal and I'll be boycotting NBC! I'm in a Yahoo group called Galen Gering Withdrawal, which I'll be suffering from once Passions is gone.

BTW, if you want to save Passions, sign this petition.Here's the link: