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Thursday, February 01, 2007

NBC's cancelling Passions!!!

I have read in both Soap Opera Weekly and Soap Opera Digest that NBC is cancelling Passions. I almost felt like having a breakdown. I even said to myself, "I'm soapless, beeyatch!". I even read that the main reason they're canceling Passions was to give the Today show a fourth hour. I'm like "Why the hell do they need a fourth hour for?" mainly because I haven't been watching the Today show since Katie Couric left. Anyways, ever since I heard about the cancellation, I can't even talk about it or even look at NBC Daytime's MySpace page without even . Once Passions is off the air,I'll be suffering from Passions withdrawal and I'll be boycotting NBC! I'm in a Yahoo group called Galen Gering Withdrawal, which I'll be suffering from once Passions is gone.

BTW, if you want to save Passions, sign this petition.Here's the link:



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