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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Soap-er Bowl

You may not know this,but I'm really REALLY excited about the Super Bowl.I'm a football fan! But wouldn't it be more awesome if daytime had their own Super Bowl? It would be called either the "Soap-er Bowl" or the "Boxer Bowl" because of the hot daytime men,the ones who get shirtless often? If there was a "Boxer Bowl",there would be two teams: The Hunks (the ones who are currently in soaps) and The Grads (the ones called "Formerly soap,forever hunk") and they were also wear boxers (or boxer briefs).Now how hot would that be? And like the Super Bowl, the "Boxer Bowl" will have commentators,except they're soap fans.

My fave soaps

Here are my fave soap operas:

1)The Young & The Restless
3)Days Of Our Lives
4)Sunset Beach (old favorite)
5)All My Children
6)One Life To Live
7)The Bold & the Beautiful